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Sleeping Tips
We all live busy lives that make it almost impossible to wind down and relax enough to get a good night’s rest. Here are some tips on how to make it easier for you to fall asleep.
Choosing a Roommate
Choosing a roommate is an important decision that can take time and consideration before making a commitment. Consider the following tips.
Explore Downtown Orlando for Free
Here is a list of the free activities and points of interest to discover in the heart of Downtown Orlando.
Mindful Living
The act of thinking more intentionally is a powerful tool, even if you only begin by thinking about what matters the most around your home.
Live Your Best Life at CitiTower
Let us help make your home a happier place by making these small adjustments to your routine.
Helpful Apps for Roommates
Here is a list of apps that will help roommates divide responsibilities and expenses.
DIY Cleaning Tips for Your Luxury Apartment in Orlando, FL
Here are some tips on how to clean your apartment home at CitiTower.