The Citi Tower is the best place I’ve ever rented so far.

- Sally Epply
The Citi Tower is the best place I’ve ever rented so far. It’s been six months since I’ve been here and I have to say that renting at the city tower has been such a pleasurable experience. The staff have continued to be very helpful and friendly. The manager Broc is without a doubt the best manager I’ve ever witnessed in my husband and I have moved around a lot due to his job. Broc fills in for other jobs if he feels they need some help. I’ve even seen him outside in the front garden picking up things. I’ve never seen any of the managers from the other places and there has been a lot of places that do those extra things. He keeps the place very clean if he sees that the floor needs to be cleaned he gets it done immediately. If you need something for your apartment he gets it done immediately. He also has allowed me to hang my paintings in the downstairs lobby along with my rack cards. I am very appreciative to be living here at the city tower with my husband and my dog Angus. I love the pool it’s very clean always. Recently I asked him one day if we were ever going to get a pool table and lo and behold broc orders pool table. Then you have April she’s always there to help you out with a friendly face great conversation and ability to make people laugh! The maintenance crew are always out there working doing such a good job and immediately coming up to the apartment if something needs to be done. The security in the building is excellent and being a northerner even though I’ve lived in Florida now for 10 years I know it’s very important to have an inside garage due to the rains that we have. So that was another important factor in coming here was to have secure garage. Larry and I took a studio apartment on the 23rd floor and love it! It’s large enough for two people and a dog! And if you need to get away there’s so many different rooms to enjoy! So here’s the thing because this place is so amazing and so well managed the people that are living here are very friendly and happy to get to know!